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Dear Derel:

Thank you so much for a wonderful, well written book. I am only half way through it but I have learned so much already. I am 42 years old and I rode when I was a kid and took lessons for years (English, jumping). Well this spring a new friend asked me if I ever missed riding? I said oh yes. She said she had three horses and I was welcome to come over and we could go trail riding. Well needless to say her horses were much more spirited then I remembered the school horses being and we had to start from the beginning. (inch by inch) I have been going for lessons every week and the best part is I also help in the barn and do all the stuff I never had a chance to do with taking lessons. I am learning so much. My goal is to get good enough to lease one of my girlfriend's horses and then someday buy one of my own. My girlfriend is a dressage rider and her horses are very well trained for that style. I think I lost my style and am starting over, but I love every minute of it (after the initial time when I thought to myself-what are you doing, get off and don't look back). Now I know that a horse must be in life and I think of nothing else. Thank you so much for your book. I promise I will not buy the first horse I go look at. Although I know it will be hard.

Fond Regards

Laurel and Ruby

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