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As a dyed in the wool horse person, I read every possible text that I think will help me be a better horseman. My horses look up to me and trust me to be the leader of the herd, and I would feel terrible if I were ever to let them down in any way. Some books I have read, I consider priceless, and are well worn from constant use. This is definitely going to be one of those books.

The books content goes far beyond what its title implies as far as how to choose the right horse for you. It explains why horses do some of the things they do. At first I thought “Great, I will learn some new things about the psychology of my horses,” Truth be told, this writer will tell you more about the psychology of yourself than you ever imagined. Call me crazy, but after reading Horses and People Matching, I can't help but wonder if Derel Twombly actually wrote this book for the horses, so they would have better humans!

Horses and People Matching is written for anyone with an interest at any level in horses, both newcomers and seasoned professionals alike will benefit from reading this book.

For the seasoned professional, straight from the Preface, with a literary eloquence heretofore unseen, the author hits you right between the eyes with the striking realization that you may not be as good a horse owner as you think. The author acknowledges that you may want the best for your horse(s), the best food, the best farrier, tack, etc. but makes you realize just how much you may be neglecting your horse's needs by the very nature of your busy lives. The author Say's it perfectly, “Think of your equine friend sitting day after day looking at the same tree line, or the same piece of the street, watching cars drive by.” The author tells you that the horse is not just a thing that exists when you have free time, and implies that the horse has a mind that needs regular stimulation much like our own.

For the newcomer young and old alike, the author gently guides the reader on the best way to begin a relationship with horses; she offers helpful tips on choosing a stable, riding instructor, and ultimately the right horse, weaving personal experience into a delightfully interesting text.

Michael A. Paladini
Broken Bough Farm
Portland, Tennessee

Laurel and Ruby

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